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Your questions, our answers

Frequently asked questions:

What is your Returns policy?

You have 15 days from the delivery date of your order to return your purchase at your own expense. You will receive a credit for the value of the product. Please contact us to confirm the Shipping address.

Do you make outfits for events?

Yes! We love taking your ideas / concept to transform it into a unique piece. Please reach out to us with 1-3 months before your event, depending on the complexity and how much work we have at the shop, it could take some time to have your order ready. These items are not on the website, they are manages MTO. 

What should I do if you don't have the color or size I need on the website?

We can make your outfit MTO. There are two options. The first one, you can order the option "Customize" and indicate the specification on your order, there will be a text box after during checkout. The second option is for you to contact us with your request.

What is your shipping policy? 

We have 7 days processing times and Shipping lead time can go between 2-5 weeks. We have rates $13-$15 on anything 1 pound, $15-$20 under $5 pounds and $30 above 5 pounds. We offer free shipping on order of $150.

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